Nayyar Photography

Nayyar Photography

I really love what I do! Photography has the power of capturing a moment that lasts a lifetime. It makes an impact, leaves a footmark, brings back memories, and makes a difference. There's so many fascinating things about people, and their facial expressions. I love people watching; There's never a dull moment. Capturing those expressions, candidly, is my pleasure. Most people don't see what I see, and I love providing a mirror for my subject to look through. I believe that there's no need to drastically alter things; you are beautiful the way you are. I love helping people. I believe that no one succeeds on their own. Having the right support team is essential. I like boldness, contrast, and color, up close and personal framing composition. I like looking into people's eyes; the view to the soul. I do my best to capture the essence of the subject in my portraiture. I bring these same sensibilities to my daily work. With the power of a voice that I've developed through the use of a camera over the years, I'm looking forward to being creative, exploring and learning. I strive to showcase the natural inner beauty, character, integrity and personality in all that I am whether that is as a photographer, writer, videographer, or social media manager. 

Zaakirah (Zaakirah (zaa-key-ra) Nayyar (Ne-yar), means the hereafter and illuminous, respectively. Born in Florida by way of Tennessee, she has been photographing since the age of six, when her mother introduced her to a Kodak Polaroid camera. Photography was a hobby growing up while on cross country travels, but after pursuing commercial photography at McFatter Technical High School, it became a passion. She then studied Professional Photography at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University in Washington, DC. She has been professionally photographing for 6 years. She is a wife to a Gambian. She has traveled to and photographed in eight countries. During her downtime as of the last three years, she is a social media manager, a Hootsuite Certified Professional. She is located in the Chattanooga area, Nashville and Atlanta area and is available for travel anywhere.



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